Vendor Guidelines

Product Guidelines

As part of our goal to continue offering local and sustainable products. We have created a set of guidelines to determine which products the Co-op is willing to consider offering.

  1. All products should be all natural (no food coloring, preservatives, additives, High Fructose Corn Syrup or other highly processed ingredients).
  2. The Co-op strongly encourages the use of sustainable and/or organic ingredients and materials whenever possible.
  3. Products should be identified as all natural or organic.
  4. All advertising should be through the Co-op.
  5. Every vendor needs to fill out a complete and detailed application through our software before being accepted.
  6. Vendors are not allowed to resell items to the Co-op, although in certain rare circumstances specific permission may be granted by the managers. All items need to be produced and packaged directly by the vendor unless they are buying ingredients for processed foods. If ingredients are bought, value must be added to the product by the producer. The only exception to this rule is if the Co-op has nothing local yet listed for a certain category.

Listing Items

  1. All vendors are responsible for having their items listed in the software 24 hours before the portion of the order in which their items are listed is opened. For example all dairy, eggs, coffee, dry goods, soaps etc. listings need to be ready the Tuesday of the week prior to the order date (to be included in the Main Order), and all produce listings must be ready on Thursday of the week prior to the order date (to be included in the A La Carte portion of the order).
  2. The Co-op will have authority to unlist any items that it feels might not meet the Co-op’s standards or might be too difficult to handle during pick up hours.


  1. All items need to be at the Co-op no later than 12:30 on pick up day so they can be counted, checked, and ready for pick up.
  2. The Co-op is located at 1106 E 59th St, near the intersection of Waters Ave and E 59th St.
  3. Large orders and refrigerated and frozen items may be delivered via the alley that runs between our building and Savannah Tire. It is accessible from Guatamala St (the 1st cross street after Waters Ave).
  4. Each vendor must group orders together by member’s name.
  5. All weighted items need to be labeled with each ordering member’s name and weight, and each weight needs to be entered into the software by Noon on the Wednesday before pick up. This allows for invoices to be printed with correct weight amounts and correct totals. We request that vendors use the labels provided by the software, but if you decide to create your own please make sure that they are legible, writing the whole name and member number of the ordering member. See the Label Printing Instructions for more details.

Extras For Sale

  1. If you bring extra items for sale, please list the number of each item you are bringing and give to one of the managers.
  2. Let us know what you want us to do with the unsold items at the end of the day, and follow up with the Co-op about the additional sold items.
  3. Any extra sold items will be listed on the next order’s invoice and paid with that order.
  4. The Co-op does not assume any responsibility for unsold items.

Vendor/Members Relations

  1. All vendor sales to Co-op members must be recorded through the Co-op online shop and approved by the Co-op.
  2. If a vendor and a member wish to exchange products without the involvement of the Co-op, we request that the exchange take place outside of our premises.


  1. Vendors may choose to receive payments via check, Paypal, or credit card. Be aware that Paypal will charge a fee for the transaction.
  2. Invoices must be submitted 48 hours before pick up so they can be reviewed and finalized.
  3. Payment will be ready on pick up day.
  4. If items are brought for sale on pick up day, orders will be finalized 2 to 3 days after pick up.

Taxes and Fees

  1. The Co-op will collect a 3% tax on all food items and a 7% tax on all non-food items.
  2. The Co-op will be responsible for remitting all collected taxes to the Department of Revenue.
  3. A 20% mark up on the base price set by the vendor will be added to all items to cover the cost of running the co-op (this fee is assessed to the members – there is currently no fee to be a vendor with the co-op).