Label Printing

Printing Labels

  1. The left side of the Producer Information box contains the links for printing labels. Choose the option:  One Label per Customer
  2. A new page will be displayed in your browser showing the labels.
  3. At this time, labels can be printed directly from your web browser. OR If the labels are not an appropriate size for the products, you may change the size of the font before printing. To change a font size:

    a. In your web browser, click the “Edit” menu.
    b. Locate “Select All” from the menu and click.
    c. Click the “Edit” menu again.
    d. Locate “Copy” from the menu and click.
    e. Open a word processor on your computer such as Microsoft Word.
    f. In a new document, click the “Edit” menu.
    g. Locate “Paste” from the menu and click again.
    h. Using the word processor, select the font size that will adjust the labels to an appropriate size and print. Please do not use a font size smaller than 12 point.

    i.  You will need to scroll through the pages of labels to make sure that individual labels are not spanning two pages.  If they are, simply set your cursor at the beginning of the given label and click Return/Enter until the entire label is on the next page.In your word processor, click Format and you should see an option called Columns.

    ** You can also set your page to print the labels in two columns to save paper – to do so:
    -Select Columns and set the number of columns to 2.
    -This should set your labels to two columns on each page

  4. Separate labels and apply to each product or packaged group of products as applicable.
  5. NOTE: Please use adhesive labels with waterproof ink or tape paper labels using clear packaging tape. This way, if your product comes in contact with moisture, the ink will not run and the paper label will not degrade. Place the strip of clear packaging tape over the informational part of the printed label so the volunteers can read where it is to go.