Weekly Specials

Special Highlights – April 17th

  • Local Produce Box  We’ve got a great mix of vegetables with a little bit of spring fruit from Ozzie Mack Farm in Jacksonville, Ga. Check out what is in the box this week: Strawberries (pint), Green Leaf Lettuce (1), Green Vidalia Onions (1), FreshSweet Peas (quart), Red Potatoes (2), Zucchini (2), Slicer Tomatoes (2), Spinach (bag), Cucumbers (2), Broccoli (1)
  • Green Bridge Farm  New Items: Lacinato Kale, Rouge D’Hiver Lettuce and Cherry Radishes
  • Kachina Farms  Seasonal Items: Spring Lettuce Mix, Sorrel and Vermicomposting Kits
  • Savannah River Farms  Pork Sale: Boneless Pork Loin Roast, Osso Bucco, Pork Tenderloin
  • Simply Home Grown  Dinner-to-GoBourbon Chicken and Fried Rice; New ItemCowboy Caviar (Black Eye Pea and Corn Salsa)
  • Walker Organic Farm  Relinda’s beautiful produce is back just in time for spring – check out her baby rainbow carrots, french breakfast radishes and mizuna greens!
  • Easter Goodies  We’ve got natural egg dye kits, eco-friendly wooden toys from PlanToys and natural pigment paints from Earth Paints!
  • Castra Rota  Sneak preview: they will be sampling their amazing selection of cheeses and olives at the April 17th pickup, so make sure you stop by and say hello to Adriano and Chris!