Weekly Specials

Product Highlights – March 26th
  • The Hipster Hound - New Vendor! is a locally own dog food company offering all natural, gluten free treats for our four legged friends.  If you have a dog at home make sure to add some of her items to your order and give your dog a tasty healthy treat!
  • Riverview Farm - For our members who have been waiting the grits, polenta and cornmeal are back in stock!  These are a Co-op favorite, make sure to grab some.  We have a limited inventory.
  • Tierra Verde Farm - They are having a wonderful tomato season and his beautiful slicer tomatoes are on sale!
  • Simply Home Grown - Since the weather is warming up soups will begin to phase out until Fall.  Limited quantities available so make sure to stock up while they last.  New Casseroles this week: Shepherds Pie and Southwest Baked Spaghetti!
  • Local Produce Box - the box this week has an amazing array of veggies:  cauliflower, broccoli, slicer tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, strawberries, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, zucchini and yellow squash…it’s an amazing deal for $24.00!
  • Green Bags - We have added produce saver bags back in stock.  We only have a very limited availability so make sure to get some before they sell out!
  • Kainat Josephine  – If you have not tried their products we recommend the shampoo bar.   Their Products use locally sourced production methods, and energy efficient operation strategies. The wax is melted using solar power, and the creams and lip balms are melted at low temperatures to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and their benefits.