Co-op Guidelines

Main Order


Ordering Process

  1. Login to the shop and add items to your cart.
    The week before the pickup, you will receive an email from the Co-op Managers notifying you that ordering is open for the current cycle.

    • Phase 1 – ordering is opened for items such as dairy, meat, nuts, granola, juices, honey, eggs, seafood, cheese, coffee, soaps, and produce boxes.  This portion of the order usually opens on Wednesday the week prior to pickup.
    • Phase 2 – ordering is opened for a la carte produce items, so this is when you will be able to add fruits and vegetables to your order.  This phase opens on Friday the week before pickup.  This phase opens slightly later to ensure we have up-to-date availability and pricing from our farmers.  If you opted for buying a produce box, the contents are published at this time. This will give you an idea of what items and quantities are in each box so that you can supplement with a la carte items if you choose.
  2. Submit payment for your order.
    Payment is due on Monday by 3:00pm the week of pickup.  If you have items in your cart when the order closes on Sunday at 8:00pm, you are responsible for paying and picking up your order.
  3. Pickup your order.
    Pickups are every other Thursday from 2:00pm – 6:00pm.  If you do not pickup your order, it will be donated.

Frontier Order

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We hold Frontier orders once a month and orders are handled on a different schedule than the main orders.  Pickup for Frontier orders coincides with normally scheduled Thursday pickups, usually the second pickup of the month.

Ordering Guidelines

  1. Login to the Frontier website and add items to your cart.
    You will receive an email from our Frontier Coordinator notifying you when it is time for the monthly Frontier order.  Please make sure to follow Frontier ordering guidelines carefully: Frontier Ordering Guidelines »

    Frontier Ordering Guidelines


      1. To order items, simply browse the website to find items you would like to purchase. It is always a good idea to start with the sales since the prices are great. You will see the ‘On Sale’ link at the top of the Frontier website. If you know the specific item you’d like to purchase, you can use the search feature to locate it. There is also a way to shop by brand by clicking the ‘Other Brands’ button at the top of the website.Once you have selected your item click ‘Buy’ or ‘Add to Basket’.Once in the basket you can see your total, number of articles and you can modify your quantities.


      1. Once you are done shopping click on ‘Save Order’. Type your name and then click on ‘Save Current Basket’. A window will pop up that says ‘Current Basket Will Be Emptied’. Click on Ok and a new order with your name will appear with the date of the order next to your name.


      1. If at this point you have finalized your order, please click here to submit your order status to Savannah Co-op (this notifies us that you have submitted and completed your order so we can calculate and post your totals). Your order totals will be posted within 48 hours of receiving your order status notification.


      1. If you want to continue buying later on you do the same thing. Put items in a new basket. When you are done go to ‘Save Order’ and type your name. A window will appear that says it will be placed with other items listed under the same name and you click on OK and the order gets updated. You then go back to step 3 (submit your order status).


      1. If you want to delete items you need to move your order to the basket. You do this by clicking on ‘Move Order to Basket’ and you place a zero next to the item amount. You click ‘Update Basket’ and the item gets erased. You then go back to step 2 (‘Save Order’ and enter your name).


      1. If you do update your order (add or delete items) after your order total has been posted, please notify us by clicking here to submit your updated order status to Savannah Co-op.


      1. PAYMENT: Once you have finalized your order and your order totals have been posted, please submit your payment via check or Paypal. Savannah Co-op payment information can be found by clicking here (see the Check and Paypal sections at the bottom of the page).


    ** Please note that your order total will include a 15% co-op markup plus tax (3% for food-type items and 7% for all other items).**

  2. Submit your Frontier order status to Savannah Food Co-op
    This step is necessary to ensure your order is included as part of the final order to Frontier.
  3. Submit payment for your Frontier order.
    Payments for Frontier orders are handled separately from the main order payments and have a different deadline.  Payment must be received in order for your order to be included.  Payment deadlines will be included with the notification email from the Frontier Coordinator.

Volunteer Guidelines

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The Co-op relies on the volunteer work of our members to continue offering great prices and a wide variety of items. We do not require members to volunteer, but we ask that you give of your time, if possible. The co-op would not be possible without our volunteers!.

Volunteer Highlights

  • Members receive a 10% discount on the normal markup on the order for which they volunteer. (Normal mark up is 20%.)
  • We have a number of volunteer roles to suit the lifestyles of our members. Some of our roles can be done completely from home, during evenings and/or weekends.
  • Many of our volunteer opportunities occur on the day of pickup. Our work schedule on pickup day starts at 9:00 AM and runs until 7:00 PM at night. Most volunteer slots are two-hour shifts with specific tasks.
  • We also look for specialized knowledge and skills from time to time. If you can not find a fit within what we are currently offering let us know of a trade, knowledge or experience you have and we will keep it in our database for when we need it.

How to Volunteer

  1. Access our volunteer sign-up page:
  2. Find the order date and time for which you would like to volunteer. There will be tabs at the bottom of the sign up page for each order. Jobs that are not yet assigned will have an ‘Unassigned’ note next to the time slot.
  3. Enter your name next to the desired job. Simply click into the cell with the ‘Unassigned’ note and type your name and then email address in the adjacent cell.
  4. Arrive for your shift. You will receive an email confirmation prior to the order with your name listed in the time slot for which you signed up. Please arrive for your shift ten minutes prior to the listed start time.