Our Story

In the Fall of 2007 a group of Moms began to meet and discuss ways to gain access to affordable, local, organic foods. We researched and tried several different venues, and in May of 2008 we had our first pickup of produce boxes, ground beef and milk for 20 families. For the first year and a half we rented space from neighborhood churches, and in January 2010 we moved into our current location.

Our ordering membership has grown from 20 families to nearly 200, and our offerings have expanded to include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, pastured eggs and meats, wild-caught seafood, all natural and organic dairy, raw honey, dry goods and drugstore items.

Local, Organic, Sustainable

We want to provide our community with access to affordable, sustainably-produced food and dry goods, support and help grow the businesses of our local producers, and also to be a resource for learning about healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Mission

  • To sell organic and all natural items at a fair price to our members
  • To support local and regional farmers and artisans
  • To be a center of community activity and education
  • To practice environmental and community responsibility
  • To reflect our unique and diverse community