Meet Our Team

  • Melissa Beauchamp
    IT Coordinator

    Melissa is a native of Savannah and lived and worked in Atlanta in her pre-co-op days. Melissa has a background in information technology and is the ‘techie’ of the managing team.
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    She handles the ordering system and website and is always looking for new ways to improve our user interfaces. Melissa has a business degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia and is mom to twins Eva and Devin.

  • Julie Scott
    New Products Coordinator

    Julie was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina and moved to Savannah in 2006. Julie’s detailed researching techniques have helped create our comprehensive list of local farmers.
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    She has devoted many hours to interviewing, researching and setting up accounts for all of them. She is always on the look out for new sources of local, all natural and organic products to continue increasing our product offerings. She has bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Georgia. Julie is also the homeschooling mom of Emerson and Riley.

  • Carmen Vazquez
    Volunteer Coordinator

    Carmen was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Savannah in 2007. She brings experience in volunteer and program management from her years of working in the non-profit industry.
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    Carmen is responsible for organizing, managing and coordinating all volunteer positions throughout the Co-op. She is also responsible for implementing new pick up systems to continue improving and streamlining our pick up process. Carmen graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Master’s Degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Carmen is also mom to Isa and Maya.

Co-op Coordinators

The Co-op relies heavily on the volunteer work of its members.  Without members volunteering to work each of our cycles, it would not be possible to continue our efforts.  We don’t require our members to volunteer, but we encourage everyone to participate in some way.  It is with this combined effort that we are able to continue offering great prices and increase our offerings.

All volunteering members receive a 10% discount on the markup of the total price of the order for which they are volunteering.

Our coordinators volunteer on a regular basis while performing specific skilled jobs.  We are always looking to fill coordinator positions as the Co-op continues to grow.  These positions benefit from a guaranteed 10% discount on markup for every order.

Name Role Duties
Patricia Davenport Floor Manager Oversees the whole day of pick up from pre-sorting to clean  up.
Kathy Hardigan & Kelly Torres Delivery Meets all vendor deliveries and oversees the volunteer team that puts all products away
Treesa Germany & Michelle Pompei Check Out Works the check out counter at pick up.
Katy Jo Holton Dairy Oversees the Dairy and Meat room.
Elizabeth Miller Pre-Sorted Orders Coordinator Oversees and checks the sorting of all drive thru, pre-sorted and volunteer orders
Rebecca Westgate & Natalie Loftin Order Sorter Sort all drive-thru and volunteer orders on pick up day
Jesse Lazzuri Volunteer Discounts Calculates and updates all volunteer discount in our software.
Emily Sontag Check Processing Receives and records all check payments.
Judy Naylor Johnson Tree of Life Updates all Tree of Life software items and oversees and sort all members’ dry goods orders.
Ellen Harris Sweetgrass Dairy Vendor Coordinator Submits our orders to Sweetgrass each cycle and maintains up-to-date price list and items.
Tracy Nomayer Frontier Oversees all aspects of our monthly Frontier order (drugstore items).
Gretchen West Marketing Coordinator Carries out a marketing strategy for the Co-op so that we can grow larger and serve more of Savannah.
Kristin Nyce New Members Helps our new members get oriented and manages our mailing list.
Shannon Willhite Bookeeping Updates our accounting software and reconciles our bank account.
Michelle Solomon Taxes Submits our monthly sales taxes to the IRS.