How to Join

To help provide some expectations for joining members, we thought we’d share some basic information. We would love to hear if you have any other questions, so please feel free to contact us. Contact page »

Three Easy Steps


Members are able to place their orders online at our online shop. We currently order our full range of items every other week with the exception of Frontier items (drugstore-type goods) which are ordered once a month. Savannah Food Co-op Shop »


Pick-up is every other Thursday between 2:00pm and 6:00pm at the Savannah Food Co-op located at 1106 E 59th St. (at the corner of 59th St. and Waters Ave behind Savannah Tire). Map »


Co-op food prices are lower than grocery store prices. In addition to our three managers, we rely on the volunteer efforts of our members to fulfill each order.

Volunteering allows our members an opportunity to receive a 10% discount for each order they work.


There is an annual $24 membership fee due at the time of your first order and from then on every year in July. Your first year’s fee will be pro-rated based on the month you join. If you are not happy with the Co-op after the first 30 days, we will gladly refund your membership fee.

Payment Due Date

Payments are due no later than 3:00PM on the Monday before the pick-up date.

Payment Methods

Orders may be paid for either by check or Paypal.